Beat Inflation

Inflation continues to be a growing concern globally. In the United States in particular, inflation hit 8.2% in September 2022. Other countries are also not immune from inflation and, moreover, are experiencing a relative decline compared to the U.S. Dollar, making any inflation they are experiencing even more pernicious. This devaluation results in significant losses for those holding assets denominated in the devalued currency.

Cryptocurrency may be a solution that can offer individuals a way to beat inflation or broader currency debasement. Simply holding onto US Dollar denominated stablecoins, like USDC can provide protection to local currencies against US Dollars. In addition, the crypto industry provides some options to minimize the effects of inflation.

For instance, Ethereum and Bitcoin are popular options that many take as a way to try to hedge their risk. Another option, Investing in DeFi protocols to get cash yields on stablecoins, can be difficult. While much cheaper now due to the lack of congestion and lower gas fees on Ethereum, depositing money in multiple DeFi protocols still may cost between $10-$50. This makes it impossible for users to gain real yield from smaller investments.

That's where Affine comes in - it makes it easy for individuals to earn and grow their crypto through diversified basket tokens and low gas fees. The goal is to provide an accessible way for users to protect their assets against inflation. Plus, it's simple to convert fiat currency into crypto with available fiat on-ramp option on Affine – Coinbase pay. Investing in cryptocurrency may not guarantee complete immunity from inflation and contains risks, like any investment, but it can certainly help mitigate its effects.

The above is not intended to serve as investment advice. Please see our Terms of Service for more information about the risks contained with cryptocurrency and Affine.

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