Affine Points Airdrop Program

This program rewards and recognizes the community members' participation and loyalty within the Affine ecosystem. This guide will explain the Point System and Point Multiplier mechanisms.

The Affine Points Airdrop Program

The Affine Points Airdrop Program was reintroduced (previously Accolades Points) to the community on 6th October, 2023. It aims to incentivize and recognize users who contribute to the growth and success of the platform by putting assets into the Protocol.

Earning Points & Leaderboard

Users can earn points within the system by holding any available baskets in the Affine Protocol. For every $1 equivalent in the Protocol, users receive 1 point. These points accumulate over time and serve as a measure of a user's activity and commitment to the Protocol. There is also a live leaderboard that updates every day at ~01:00 UTC.

Benefits of Accruing Points

Accruing points within the Affine Point System comes with its benefits. Points can grant you access to exclusive benefits, rewards, and opportunities within the Affine ecosystem. The more points you earn, the greater your standing within the community. It is important to note that the points are non-transferrable.

The Point Multiplier

Introduction to the Point Multiplier

The Point Multiplier is a feature that enhances the Affine Point System for holders of the Affine Pass NFT. This feature aims to reward and recognize the commitment of Affine Pass holders so that the Pass can function as more than a simple utility.

How the Multiplier Works

The multiplier is calculated based on the number of Affine Pass NFTs a user holds. The more Affine Passes you hold, the higher your multiplier. The formula for the multiplier will be -

1+log100(1+N)1 + log_{100}(1+ N)

N = Number of Affine Pass NFTs held in the wallet

Limited-Time Boost

To celebrate the launch of the Point Multiplier, users can earn a limited-time boost formula:

1+log4(1+N)1 + log_{4}(1+ N)

N = Number of Affine Pass NFTs held in the wallet

This boost effectively increases your point earnings during this period. The limited-time boost will be in effect until the next announcement (timing TBD).

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