Affine Pass and Accolades

As a first step towards decentralization, Affine Pass NFTs were introduced to the community. If you are here at a later point in time, this guide aims to bridge the gap in your knowledge.

Affine Pass NFTs

What Are Affine Pass NFTs?

Affine Pass was announced to the community on 9th August, 2023. These unique NFTs provide users with a ticket to an array of exclusive utilities and benefits.

Affine Pass smart-contract link:

Utility and Benefits

These NFTs are designed to unlock a range of benefits within the Affine Protocol. From discounted protocol fees to priority access to exclusive baskets and a unique multiplier factor in the points program, Affine Pass NFTs empower you to maximize your DeFi experience.

Affine Pass NFT Minting and Supply

Affine Pass was a free to mint NFT and its whitelisting was provided to a number of communities and partners over a marketing campaign throughout the Month of August and September 2023. The passes were minted on 4th October, 2023.

Supply: 3000

Minted: 2015

Community Reserve*: 988

(As of 25th October, 2023)

*Community Reserve will be used later to attract more users and whales to the community. Some of the community reserve Affine Passes have been minted already.

Accolades NFTs

Accolades NFTs are closely tied to the Affine Point System, designed to recognize and reward our community members loyalty to the protocol. This program ran throughout the September, 2023 to find out the top 100 users of the protocol and they were airdropped with the Soul-bound Accolades NFTs.

Tiers of Accolades NFTs

Accolades Soul-bounds were airdropped to the top 100 users of the protocol by TVL. Three types of Accolades were issued -

51st to 100th Position: Green Affine Accolades Soul-bound

21st to 50th Position: Black Affine Accolades Soul-bound

1st to 20th Position: Diamond Affine Accolades Soul-bound

Utility and Benefits of Accolades NFTs

All the Accolades holders had multiple Affine Pass NFTs aidropped to their wallet. And the accolades holders are also eligible for special roles and access to gated channels in the Affine Discord.

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