Deposit with Credit or Debit Cards

The easiest way to deposit funds is by using Moonpay. Moonpay makes it easy to create an account which will require you to verify your identity. Once doing so, you can navigate through as instructed below in order to add funds to your wallet.

Buying Cryptoassets with Moonpay

  1. Go to to start the transaction. You will first need to login or create your account. Once you have you will see a screen like below:

  2. Next, select the amount of USDC (Polygon) and/or MATIC (Polygon) that you wish to deposit.

  3. Once you do so, you need to add the correct wallet address. If you are connected to Affine with the desired wallet, you can get find your wallet address on the Account page or the Deposit page.

  4. Confirm the transaction and wait to receive funds in your wallet.

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